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Keep your private client data secure without the hassle of extra user validation that frustrates partners and staff. TickStream.KeyID is a MFA that lets people get on with their work without the risk and cost associated with extra hardware.

A malicious insider could seriously jeopardize the reputation of the firm. Secure access beyond just the login with TickStream.CV which can validate the whether or not it is the same person working as the person who originally logged in.

Don’t waste money on expensive licenses and subscriptions using TickStream.Activity to learn what the firm actually needs based on user access and behavior.

Keyboard-sharing and credentials-sharing are serious issues, especially with respect to protecting your valuable IP. Once login has happened, until now technology developers have had no reliable way to detect if the operator of a PC has changed. The only cross-app hardware that is universally in-place, and found to be reliably useful, is the keyboard. TickStream.CV is a technology that compares two samples of randomly typed text and evaluates whether or not the same person typed them.

In possession of patents pending and other valuable intellectual property or information belonging to clients?

Don’t be the weak link in your clients’ cybersecurity defense.
According to the 2015 Chase Cost Management (CCM) survey report, law firms this year will typically spend more than 1.92% of their gross annual revenues on information security. Cited by 59% of respondents, Client demands and obligations to protect data fueled these investment decisions.
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TickStream® is easy to deploy – it’s as simple as a two-minute software installation or the addition of a few lines of HTML code on your login page. There is no special hardware. Users self-enroll. It is frictionless in everyday use. Welcome to the new thinking in security, where the machine does the work, instead of you.