Microsoft Credential Provider (Windows Logon)

You probably see it everyday: the Microsoft Windows logon prompt. Enter your username and password, and you unlock the keys to your machine, the network, and the kingdom. Well, simply knowing or guessing those credentials are no longer enough to give you access. Microsoft has created a special interface, called a "credential provider", that offers a standards-based interface to TickStream.KeyID. This means users will continue to enter their username and password as they have already been doing, but after Microsoft Windows confirms that set of credentials is valid, it passes the behavior (not the password) to TickStream.KeyID to ensure it is the right user who entered them. It is completely seamless, and provides the users with a comfortable, familiar interface.

TickStream.KeyID integrates with the Microsoft Windows logon process through the Credential Provider API. This process is the primary mechanism for user authentication in Windows, and is the same technology used by the system to validate passwords, smartcards, etc. First, the Microsoft Windows logon process validates the given username and password against Active Directory, and then second, tests the captured effort data against TickStream.KeyID. If the right combination of credentials are provided, and the TickStream.KeyID AI engine confirms the physical identity of the person, the normal Microsoft Windows logon process continues.

If you want to understand more about the Microsoft Windows logon infrastructure and how it works, you can read more online about Credentials Processes in Windows Authentication .


The Microsoft Windows TickStream.KeyID Credential Provider requires Microsoft Windows Vista or later, though Microsoft Windows Server 2012 or later, or Microsoft Windows 10 or later, is recommended.

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