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Celebrating the heroes and honoring the victims on this tragic day. Visit the memorial site here.
CVMetrics™ can identify who you are, simply by how you use the computer. Read more here.
With TickStream©, you can understand what software people are really using. Read more here.
TickStream© lets you manage remote workers in real-time. Read more here.
A StepOne™ license allows you to get started - right now. Contact us at for more information.
Use CVMetrics™, and your computer can recognize you just as well as he can. Read more here.
Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving, from all of us here at Intensity Analytics. Read the Presidential Proclamation here.
Intensity Analytics celebrating The Festival of Lights.
From all of us at Intensity Analytics, Merry Christmas to you and yours.
From all of us at Intensity Analytics, blessings and peace in this coming year.
Visit Intensity Analytics at the Secure360 conference.
Tom Ketcham, our CTO, will be speaking at the Biometrics Big Data Symposium.
Read the full press release by clicking here.
Tom Ketcham, our CIO, will be speaking at the Cyber Security Summit.

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Intensity Analytics was born from a big data environment, where security, chain-of-custody, and measurement were critical to our business. We build robust, scalable technology using the latest best practices for large-scale enterprises.

Secure identification with keyboards, mice, tablets and other everyday input devices.

Automatic usage auditing for cloud migration, spend management, telework and other productivity and efficiency analytics.

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