• Strong Security, Made Simple.

Token-less Authentication

We use behavioral analytics to recognize users at login, and after login, by how they type or gesture without using personal information, tokens or special hardware. We protect your business from password hackers and malicious insiders, and help keep your reputation intact.

Behavioral Biometric Security

Unmatched Strength

Token or card solutions only identify the token or card, not who holds it. Biometrics identify the person. They can’t be lost, stolen, copied or shared.

No Hardware Required

No Hardware Required

Our biometric solution doesn’t require special hardware. This provides cost effective security that is easy to deploy and administer.

Transparent to the User

Transparent to End User

Users bypass security; it's called the human factor. Our solution provides protection the user doesn’t see, thus eliminating the human factor.

Reduce Identity Risk

Reduce Identity Risk

Our solution, although biometric, secures your data without using personally identifiable information like fingerprints, iris scans or voice prints.

About Us

Intensity Analytics is a behavioral security solutions company formed in 2009 by veteran entrepreneurs with decades of experience working together on enterprise software projects for Fortune 500 companies and large government agencies.