Establish and maintain trust in digital identities.

GDPR Compliance

The massive General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now in full effect! Learn how TickStream® addresses your needs to meet with these new privacy and security requirements.

F5® Networks BIG-IP® APM®/LTM® Integration

TickStream® is available through standard iApp® templates that can be deployed on F5® platform products in minutes.

Microsoft® ADFS Integration

TickStream® is available as a Credential Provider that can be added to an existing ADFS server using standard Forms Authentication in minutes.

Microsoft® Windows Login Integration

TickStream® is available as a Credential Provider that can be added to an existing Windows computer, for a seamless user experience.

Collections #1-5 and the Power of Data Aggregation

Hackers soon will achieve deeper insight, devise more effective strategies, improve effectiveness

The first month of 2019 kicks off the new year with more news of data breaches and worry for businesses and consumers. Collections #1-5, originally discovered by Troy Hunt and others have been identified on the dark web. These massive data stores are aggregating data from previous data breaches and promise to provide a catalyst for a host of new and more effective cyberattacks.


Intensity Analytics Awarded Key Patent for Behavioral Authentication Security Software

Intensity Analytics, a specialized software company with a long history of innovation in data security, announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office awarded it US Patent 9,430,626 titled User Authentication Via Input of Known Text. The newly- patented IP combines advanced mathematics and machine-learning techniques to immediately recognize users by their keyboard typing patterns, while denying illegitimate users access, thus negating the value of wrongfully-obtained credentials. (read the full release)

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