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Today’s users recognize that threats are dynamic, and they expect their platform providers to continually improve their security posture. Tickstream products enable platform providers to enhance their existing identity and attribution assurance with minimal cost, risk, or integration effort. Tickstream.KeyID provides an additional authentication factor at login by evaluating how a user types their existing credentials. Tickstream.CV provides on-going validation as users type in a web browser or on a machine using your platform’s agent. In both cases, your user experiences nothing out of the order but would-be imposters find it orders of magnitude harder to avoid detection. Tickstream also enables you to raise the bar for attribution of the identity of anyone contributing content. Whether your users are pushing work product in a remote work environment, checking in software code in a distributed development environment, or contributing new text to a wiki or website, Tickstream invisibly and reliably checks attribution in the background and reports suspect entries to your existing alert system(s). All for pennies per day per user. Results are reported as simple values for inclusion in your current security or attribution schema, whether that is an integrated part of your platform or a separate SIEM, CIAM, SOAR or something else.

TickStream is integrated with a variety of third-party platforms products. These include:

Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft Windows Credential Provider and ADFS Component
F5 Networks
F5® Networks iApp for APM® and LTM®
ForgeRock Networks
ForgeRock Authentication Tree Node
Forcepoint Insider Threat Feature
CyberArk Login Template
Layer7® SiteMinder FCC Template
NodeJS opensource
NodeJS Open source client
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Managed Service Providers

Businesses rely on managed service providers to protect not only their IT infrastructure, but also their businesses and their stakeholders. That means going beyond buzzwords like “zero trust” and “perimeterless security.” It means knowing who is sitting at each machine at each moment. And that’s exactly what Tickstream.CV empowers you to know on behalf of your customers. You can enable your platform to perform deep authentication at log-in using Tickstream.KeyID to evaluate how a user entered their password. You can also enable your platform to perform on-going authentication throughout a session to spot when a new person takes over a device with Tickstream.CV. Either way, the Tickstream products fit seamlessly with your existing MFA and SSO solutions, and enhance reporting to your SIEM, SOAR or integrated SOC.

The capabilities can be bundled in an upgraded security package alongside such common tools as Cisco’s Duo or can be integrated in your base package as a differentiator as customers become increasingly security conscious.

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You’ve already invested in solutions for insider threat management, privileged access management, single sign on, federated identity, and a powerful SOC enabled with the most advanced UEBA and SIEM solutions. Yet the most powerful measures break down when the wrong person sits down at a keyboard and penetrates your company’s systems undetected. Tickstream solutions from Intensity Analytics make that far less likely without the changing the user experience at all. Tickstream.KeyID and Tickstream.CV shore up your defenses and rapidly spot when the wrong person uses the right credentials, or when the wrong person sits down at a workstation during an open session. The software serves as an invisible sentry, not just at the perimeter, but literally everywhere your users sit at a keyboard.

No special hardware. No complex integration. No “rip and replace.” Just immediately better security at a pennies per user day.

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Want to add our TickStream AI engine to your own products or websites? We have a variety of ways to work with you, from our REST API that works across all modern platforms and with all popular programming languages including Microsoft.NET (VB, C#, etc.), Java, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, and TCL, to dynamic-link libraries (DLL) for desktop applications.

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SaaS Providers

Delivering products through a cloud architecture presents a unique set of challenges, both in terms of information security, as well as protecting access to the product itself. Our technology helps SaaS providers meet cybersecurity requirements and privacy regulations, while also offering new insight on how their products and accounts are used and shared among users.

Whatever you provide “as-a-service” relies on a platform, and that platform can easily become more secure simply by plugging in the Tickstream solutions. Imposters get spotted immediately. Legitimate users don’t know about it. And risk managers sleep better.

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Government Agencies

The mission always demands better security and less friction for the stakeholders. And your agency has already invested heavily in solutions to manage this tension while keeping your agency and its stakeholders safe. Tickstream solutions from Intensity Analytics give you the rarest value: less friction, more safety. They work seamlessly to enhance insider threat programs, compliance, access control, and protect assets.

Tickstream solutions are available through a growing number of highly-qualified partners with subject matter experts and cleared personnel, and we can work with you on the right GSA schedule or other purchasing vehicle to make acquistion simple and easy.

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No single technology will make your organization “compliant,” but Tickstream products go along way toward fulfilling current and emerging obligations across many domains. To date, Tickstream has helped organizations struggling with HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, 800-171, CMMP, Insider Threat Red Flag Rule, and over 25 emerging schemas promulgated by states and industry.

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Advisory Firms

Your clients expect you to stay on top of the latest developments. Physical behavior is rapidly becoming the gold standard for identity, and Intensity Analytics is emerging as the de facto standard for physical behavioral authentication. Whether you specialize in cybersecurity, fraud detection, identity, attribution, or any other area where it is critical to know who is sitting at the keyboard at a given time, Identity Analytics can educate you and extend the range of options you bring to your clients.

Tickstream solutions fit seamlessly in virtually any environment. If you’d like to find out more about becoming an expert in spotting opportunities and implementing Tickstream solutions, contact us today at

Remote Work

Distributed companies create win-win environments for employees while producing some of the most creative innovations in the market today. They also suffer unique security risks. How do you know the person sitting at that keyboard is really who they say they are? How do you know your remote employee is really doing the work? How do you know the content that just got pushed – whether it is software code or new text for the wiki – was really created by the person to whom it is attributed?

Adding complex procedures and time-consuming training isn’t the answer. You don’t want to create friction for employees or engender a sense of distrust, but you must protect your business and assure the integrity of remote work. Tickstream solutions enable you to do that by adding on-going identity assurance to all remote work processes. Tickstream.CV sits silently in the background, verifying the identity of the remote worker. Tickstream.KeyID provides an extra highly reliable layer of authentication that augments whatever MFA is already in place. Both give you better visibility, confidence, and control to let your remote workers thrive while better protecting the business and all its stakeholders.

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Currently, Tickstream solutions are implemented only through resellers and only for enterprises. In the first quarter of 2020, that will change. Intensity Analytics will release the Tickstream.KeyID Windows Credential Provider in the Microsoft Marketplace. Please sign up here to be notified when the product is released. By doing so you will receive a 20% discount on the first year’s subscription and will be updated as we reach key milestones along the way. You will also have a chance to be a beta tester for our full-featured Windows Desktop Activity agent coming in Summer 2020.

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