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Desktop Analytics
Desktop Analytics is not new; it first gained traction in the Call Center space.

Desktop Analytics is about tracking the totality of computer use -- not just where a user goes on the web, but what local and networked software is accessed.

Tracking web use is called the clickstream. It tends to be very "websites-in." That is, with reasonable fidelity users' web clicks are counted, and thus it is known, for example, that gets about 27 million unique users per month. Small sites tend to be undercounted, but the clickstream has been (at least grudgingly) accepted now for years.

Now players such as Intensity Analytics are looking beyond the clickstream - to what we call the TickStream® - and moving Desktop Analytics beyond the Call Center space to any/all Enterprises, and into Market Research.

The TickStream® is very "users-out." That is, with fidelity it tells you what a cohort of users does on and off the web per unit time. For an Enterprise, this tends to be about finding efficiencies, validating usage, and scrutinizing software/SaaS/database spend (READ: find what's under-utilized to save money).

For Market Research, it's about understanding the predominant activity of our era -- gazing into a computer screen. Imagine the value to a marketer of knowing what target customers do in order by daypart on their PCs and laptops, locally and on the web -- and with what relative simultaneity.

Intensity Analytics not only has a featherlite app for Windows computers that delivers steadfast Desktop Analytics, but a featherlite approach for managers at the Enterprise or in Market Research. At the secure admin dashboard we surface to managers, cohort activity can be seen in aggregate and by individual.

Web usage by the Cohort can be seen broadly (that is, a label indicating just "on web"), or at the URL-level. Active use of software running on local computers (e.g., Microsoft Word) or the network (Oracle CRM) can be viewed. If your telecommuting Customer Service Reps are supposed to be primarily using Oracle CRM 8 am - 5 pm with one hour for lunch, this is easily confirmed. Trust, but verify.

You can see when computers are on and in use, on but idle, or off.

Ask us about our canned reports called Predominant Use and Ranked Use. With TickStream®, you can have a Desktop Analytics dashboard set-up that faithfully reflects your team's or sample set's usage in a matter of just hours.

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