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Intensity Analytics Offers Teleworkers and
Telework Managers a Power Tool

President Obama on December 9, 2010 signed into law a bill aimed at increasing telework in the Federal government.

Under the 2010 Telework Enhancement Act (H.R. 1722), agencies will have 180 days to establish a policy on working outside the office, identify eligible employees and inform them of the option. The law also requires agencies to name an official to manage telework programs, and incorporate the policy into plans for continuing essential services during natural disasters or other emergencies.

Intensity Analytics offers a featherlite app (TickStream®) that accumulates data on the use of Windows computers without human effort – giving both workers and managers a way of both seeing how much effort they have invested in getting their work done. This two-sided view builds trust within the organization.

“The irony of commuting today is you might drive 10, 20, 50 miles or more only to log into the web at the other end, and access SaaS platforms to do your job,” said Bethann Rome, co-founder of Intensity Analytics. “The TickStream® app tells managers what a user does when, while never seeing screen content or anything that’s typed. So if a user is using a cloud-application like, management can see the number of active hours per day or per week. And the same is true if the worker is using a local program like Excel, or a networked program such as Oracle. Moreover, the TickStream® app provides a layer of security for remote workers, continuously monitoring to authenticate the identity of the user.”

For prospective telecommuters who hope to inspire management to allow working remotely, the app can be downloaded for free from The app produces a single-user report that can function as a WorkReceipt™. The idea is that the prospective teleworker can show management their at-home productivity, to help inspire a green light for telework.

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