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Meeting the Challenge of Trust in Teleworking
Intensity Analytics Launches New WorkReceipt™ Service

Intensity Analytics has launched a new service aimed at helping employers and employees meet the challenge of accountability in the digital workplace.

Remote offices, flextime, and telework arrangements are increasing the number of situations in which managers and employees can’t interact face-to-face. How do managers overcome the concern that "away from my desk" really means "not working"? And how do employees overcome the worry that "out of the office" means "out-of-the-loop?"

Intensity Analytics’ service, WorkReceipt™, is based on the everyday, retail practice of providing a customer with a purchase receipt showing the details of a transaction. A WorkReceipt™ is a record of computing effort expended over the course of a day, automatically collected, monitored and validated by a neutral, third party observer to the transaction, delivered via the web to both the employee and the employer. With a WorkReceipt™, both parties can be confident that the record is accurate and authentic.

Managers in commercial and government organizations already have been using Intensity to track labor productivity and right-size software/SaaS spend based on actual usage, and the new WorkReceipt™ platform is for organizations that want to measure computer use virtually instantly, with a few clicks.

"The factories of today are computers, and knowledge workers power the factories," said Bethann Rome, co-founder of Intensity Analytics. "If a knowledge worker costs say $75K per year for salary, benefits and support, then $120 per year ($10 per month) is a small price to pay to measure what is getting worked on and when. Intensity collects and provides this critical information in a manner that is fully transparent to both the Manager and the Employee. For Managers who seek to enable and validate telecommuting, figure out where to add manpower, and keep an eye on throughput, WorkReceipt™ is ideal."

On December 9, 2010, President Obama signed into law the Telework Enhancement Act (H.R. 1722), aimed at increasing telework in the federal government, with an implementation date of June 7, 2011. Across the U.S. workforce, about 25% of computer work is done remotely, according to Forrester Research.

"We’ve worked with Intensity Analytics since its formation and have been impressed with its software," stated Michael Atkins, CEO of Strategic Marketing Ventures, Inc, a software and business process outsourcing company. "By integrating their WorkReceipt into our solutions, we assist clients manage governance, risk management and regulatory compliance."

WorkReceipt™ works like this, say for Acme Industries:
  1. Manager purchases "n" seats at $10/month — so if for 25 employees, the cost is $250/month on a credit card, charged on a month-to-month basis.
  2. Manager then guides his/her employees to a page where each relevant employee downloads and installs the featherlite TickStream® app in about 30 seconds. The app never sees what users type, their screen content or filenames.
  3. Anytime: Manager logs-in to his/her Admin account to see what his/her employees are doing on their computers right now, or over the past day/week/month.
The TickStream® app sees the name of the application(s) running on each computer, what time the application started/ended, and whether one is active in the application (foreground), idle in the application or off. Intensity measures local software such as Excel, networked software such as SAP, and use of the Web (either as a broad category or at the individual URL level).

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