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Telecommuting Effectiveness
The House of Representatives passed HR 1722, which creates government-wide regulations for teleworking and instructs each Federal agency to come up with policies to promote telecommuting. The Senate has passed similar legislation.

The legislation directs the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to issue regulations on teleworking and requires that agencies come up with policies permitting teleworking for up to 20% of the hours worked over two weeks.

Our TickStream® app and the industrial-strength SaaS behind it work both sides of the telecommuting coin. Say you want to telecommute, and show your boss you can be equally effective — or even more effective — working from home. Thus you download the free, featherlite TickStream® app from, and show your boss your Story of You™ report each day, which will show precisely what you do predominantly for each two-hour period (we call this PU, or Predominant Use).

PU doesn’t mean you never pause to check the weather online, or check your kid’s homework status on the school website. It does mean that if your job is to work inside say, or your employer’s networked in-house CRM, this is your major or predominant activity in terms of active foreground use on your Windows computer or laptop.

So sharing your Story of You™ report for each Monday-Friday for the period 8 am – 5 pm is like a Telecommuting Receipt&trade. Your boss can see the unimpeachable record of your computer time— what you do when.

On the organization side, the TickStream® app can be pushed to any/all computers, and managers can then make use of our Predominant Use report, which is delivered in a secure web portal.

The TickStream® data can be stored on our side (in the cloud), in a private cloud, or in a rackable NT appliance at the organization’s data center.

Then (as an example), with a mouseclick a manager can take a look at his ten Customer Service Reps at day’s end, to see the predominant computer use across the team, and drill down to view individual users.

Of course, many tens of thousands of employees across the USA can avoid being strapped into a metal box and driving 25 and 35 miles a day to a place that involves sitting before a laptop or PC when it could be done at home. The only challenge is faithfully measuring the actual work output, which likely would only go up if up to an hour or two on America’s car-choked highways can be cut out.

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