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The GDPR Looms

In the 1950s, manufacturers put seatbelts in cars to comply with the law that all vehicles must include a personal restraint device. Now, governments around the world are requiring companies to protect clients’ personally identifiable information. What is the technology market’s seatbelt-like solution?

Europe has taken the lead with privacy regulation by enacting General Data Protection Regulation. Effective May 25, GDPR’s rules are so broad they cover the world. Intensity Analytics offers a tool to help companies comply.

GDPR calls for a way to ensure the PII companies keep on their clients and customers can’t be simulated by somebody else. Intensity Analytics’ answer to that problem is through physical behavior authentication. We can identify a person with as much certainty as their Social Security number but, unlike the SSN, it is not replicable by outside parties. We’ve created a new way to reference people and data systems with great precision that cannot be stolen or copied.

Information such as Social Security numbers, names, addresses — any type of PII — can be inserted into an indexed database. Intensity Analytics creates unique behavioral elements that can be reduced to a string. That string can then serve as an anonymous index column, pointing to an offline resource where the PII is stored.

Simply, Intensity Analytics can help companies reduce their data breach risk profile and protect them from violating GDPR. Effective prevention inherits compliance.

Intensity Analytics’ platform is not a tool, but rather a method of compliance.

One of the things that GDPR will drive people toward is preventing trolls and fraudsters from accessing data that wasn’t previously controlled but is now considered protected PII. In developing tools to better control access to that data, companies will be seeking a methodology that is going to decrease exposure under GDPR.

For example, nearly every website wants visitors to register with some form of PII. The question is: Is it that they need that data or are they habitually asking for it?

Rather than sharing their first pet’s name or the street they grew up on, Intensity Analytics replaces that PII by having users perform a unique physical movement. One that is anonymous and GDPR compliant.

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