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The Great Migration
The "Path of the Pronghorn" (a pronghorn looks like an antelope) in Wyoming is the migration route for the fastest land animals in North America. It's also the longest journey of any animal in the continental United States, and is filled with threats. The Wildlife Conservation Society just announced they will observe the pronghorn on its annual 90-mile trek to evaluate the dynamics of their population, as well as obstacles the animals face as they travel to and from their summering areas.

Similarly, one of the greatest migrations in technology history is ongoing now, from local and networked software to SaaS and the cloud.

Commercial and government organizations alike are using TickStream® to understand and optimize this colossal trip. By deploying the featherlite TickStream® app on Windows computer pre-, during and post- the inevitable migration from mostly local/networked software to SaaS/cloud, management can understand just what their employees use, how often and how much. For example, does an organization with 100 Oracle CRM seats need the equivalent post-migration ... or perhaps far fewer? With Intensity the grand opportunity to save money as a function of this migration can be realized, and maximized.

Gird your organization for the Great Migration from software on your side to software on the outside.

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