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Welcome, Anthropologists!
Anthropology is the study of humanity, and our TickStream® app on multiple computers and the resulting report can help you understand just how a group of users at your company, or a group of your customers behaves.

Think about it - for most of us, keyboarding and mouse-clicking on our PCs or laptops is the predominant activity of our waking hours, at work and at home.

With the featherlite TickStream® app on 2-n computers, you can be staring at a secure web dashboard that helps you understand what your users do when and how.

Say you own a big wholesale flowers/plants company, selling to nurseries. You have thousands of buyers, and your target market is even bigger. With Intensity, you can ask a sample set of your users to share their computing habits while completely maintaining their anonymity. The app never sees what they type or screen content. But the TickStream® data (on and off-web use) is aggregated and displayed for you in your very own report, on the web.

The report shows what the sample set is doing right now, and their history. And with what we call our Categorizer, you can roll software and/or websites up into categories. Say you're interested in the extent to which your target customers use accounting software or SaaSes, because you want to make it easier for them to log their flowers/plants purchases. You can say that QuickBooks, Great Plains, (a SaaS), etc. are a category called "CUSTOMER ACCOUNTING." Then, once you see how/when they do accounting, you can drill down to find an integration partner(s). You get the idea.

Know thy users by knowing what they're doing on their computers day in and day out.

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