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What’s the PU?
PU in Intensity Analytics terminology is Predominant Use. Our TickStream® app tracks the totality of what a user does on his/her computer, both local or networked software, and the web.

It never sees what anyone types, or any screen content.

A popular TickStream® report is Predominant Usage, which shows per two-hour time period what a group or individual is predominantly doing in foreground on the PC/laptop.

Say you want inside sales people working in - TickStream® can confirm this. Sure, they can also pop out of to check the weather at, or listen to iTunes in background, or access the company accounting software as needed, but the “PU” report shows what they do most per 2-hour period — that’s what you pay ‘em for.

A good sample of TickStream® for PU is assessing telecommuting. Imagine a company that is aiming to allow telecommuters, to be greener and to keep employees out of the soul-sucking traffic jams across the nation, but management worries about their relative productivity while working from their homes.

First, they measure the PU of these employees at the office, relating to use of the company CRM (an Oracle app). They find that the average employee predominantly is active in the CRM for 6.8 hours per workday.

Then, they measure the group in a telecommuting mode, and find the CRM usage is at 7.5 hours— and no long commutes/fewer hydrocarbons pumped into the atmosphere.

That is the power of TickStream’s® PU. You know: Trust, but Verify.

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