Tickstream.KeyID is a subscription software package that enables any application to add true physical behavior authentication using keystroke dynamics. It works passively, in the background by routing keystroke variance information (but not actual keystrokes) to an AI engine typically via REST API. In real-time, the engine evaluates the “effort” associated with the typing and compares it to a profile associated with the account and returns a value confirming identity or observing a potentially invalid login.

The process is invisible to the end user, except that they must type their password rather than relying on a cached version stored in their browser or in a password manager. The process of creating the profile is passive, occurring naturally over time as the user logs in to the system.

  • No special hardware required
  • Nothing to add to user machine (agentless)
  • Does not require dropping any current MFA
  • Can be used as an alternative MFA
  • Standard reporting supports existing SIEM, SOAR, SSO, IDaaS, and CIAM solutions
  • Not based on "habit", biometrics, tokens, or other common mechanisms that have proven vulnerable to increasingly sophisticated impersonation and attacks
  • Desktop version available for local authentication
  • Can be used across fields for greater confidence, i.e. username, password, passphrase


TickStream.KeyID is available on a variety of major platforms as a native plugin, as well as directly through our standard REST API. It takes as few as just three lines of code to add TickStream.KeyID to a typical login page.

Microsoft Corporation
ADFS Component
F5 Networks
F5® Networks
iApp for APM® and LTM®
ForgeRock Networks
Authentication Tree Node
Login Template
Layer7® SiteMinder
FCC Template
NodeJS opensource
Open source client
Microsoft Corporation
Credential Provider

Independently Tested and Validated

Dr. Donald Gantz, Emeritus Professor, Founding Chair of the Department of Applied Information Technology at George Mason University, and Dr. John Miller, a world renowned expert on biometric statistical analysis and Professor of Applied Engineering and Statistics, designed and conducted an independent study to validate the performance and reliability of the patented algorithm that drives Tickstream.KeyID. Their results showed up to a 99.99% rate in successfully identifying misappropriated logins. The full study can be downloaded by clicking here.

TickStream Study

TickStream® reconnects people to their digital identity. For attribution, from authentication at login, to the work they do everyday, TickStream offers a frictionless solution to know who is using a device.

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