A variety of different license options are available, across each of our products. These range from simple subscription licenses, where the components are hosted, to bespoke license agreements for providers that need to whitelabel our technology and host all the components in their own environments. Certain TickStream deployments which include integration with third-party solutions (Microsoft, F5®, etc.) require corresponding licenses to those products. Below is an overview of the different licensing categories. All TickStream licenses include consent to the Intensity Analytics End-User License Agreement (EULA). Please contact us at to inquire about a specific agreement.
Single web application
License options
by number of users,
or by number of logins processed
Administrative dashboard
Content Delivery Network (CDN) option
Hosted Web Services,
dedicated or multitenant
(Microsoft Azure or AWS)
Multiple web applications, desktop products, Windows Credential Provider, Microsoft AD/FS and Office365, platform integrations (F5® APM/LTM, etc.)
Licensed by number of users
Subscription or contract-based
Administrative dashboard
Rules Configuration options
Web Services hosted, provided via installers, or as virtual machines
Core TickStream engine access, both desktop and web libraries
Licensed by application or market
Partner agreement required
Includes internal diagnostics and direct access to configuration options
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We take the issue of software piracy seriously. Software piracy is the copying, distribution, or use of software for any reason without the authorization of the copyright holder. It is an act of copyright infringement, and exposes the subject to significant fines and other legal consequences. Beyond the obvious counterfeiting of software copies, software piracy can include, among other things:

  • using one licensed copy of software on multiple computers, virtual machines, or user accounts/profiles
  • using pilot, test, academic, or any other restricted or non-retail license for any production use
  • using machine imaging or similar techniques to duplicate the software license
  • using or providing rented access or multitenant access to the software without the appropriate license
  • using more than the licensed number of users for a particular license

Violating software license agreements may result in both civil and criminal liabilities, such as described in U.S. Copyright Law, Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), and EU Directive 2009/24/EC, not including others.

We support the efforts of BSA | The Software Alliance to combat the problems of software piracy across the globe. To report potential software piracy of an Intensity Analytics product, contact BSA directly , or send us an email at

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