Actions speak louder than words. Your actions matter. They matter in terms of the trust you establish with others. They matter in terms of measuring your productivity. Your actions, collectively result in your overall activity.

TickStream.Activity is the comprehensive and authoritative information source which documents all user-related actions that occur on your network. We don’t capture any content or pass any judgment. We account for actions and events that happen. We document what app ran at what time, for how long, and with what user involvement or intensity. The intensity of the user reveals a great deal to our analytics engines.

We can detect and report on the execution of a new application, whether the app is installed intentionally or unintentionally (malware or ransomware). We facilitate invoking a host’s security corrective actions.

If an application is in use or rarely or never used we can also tell you that, providing substantial cost savings to companies who are spending large amounts of their IT budget on software licenses that are never used in the field. With IT budgets stretched, and demands increasing, leverage TickStream.Activity to uncover overspend and redirect that budget to more crucial areas to help your company grow.

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