Identifying and individual on your network is critical beyond login. Most identity solutions use data analytics to eliminate potential threats. User Behavior Analytics (UBA or UEBA) frequently refer to behavior in terms of habits and uses variants from habit to infer a potential threat. TickStream.CV, for Continuous Validation, approaches this from the other end and with substantially different metrics. We actually confirm identity throughout a user’s session to protect your network and data from insider threat and provide continuous authentication of the users on your network.

It’s similar to TickStream.KeyID, which establishes a trusted identity at login. What sets Continuous Validation apart is its ability to continually assess that trust relationship throughout a users session. TickStream.CV can positively identify the author of an email or document, for example. We do this without actually capturing any of the text. We maintain privacy and confidentiality of your valuable data. All we do is measure the effort your users make in the creation of that data. We do that to verify the identity of individuals who are creating and accessing your valuable data, without adding any friction to the user experience.

TickStream.CV’s machine learning algorithms can identify a unique individual in as little as a thousand characters of text. We continue to apply effort metrics to the algorithm and learn the unique hallmarks of an individual’s behavior. Our Artificial Intelligence engine essentially creates a digital clone of an individual and can be used to customize a security architecture to maintain trust at appropriate levels based on the type of information or applications in use. This is all done without asking the user to do anything more than they are already doing.

A malicious insider no longer has plausible deniability when TickStream.CV can identify the author of a work product, regardless of what user may have been logged into a particular device.

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