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In a world where password reuse and ever-present data breaches are undermining privacy and security at an unprecedented level, how can security professionals understand risk associated with each login? When 90% of enterprise login attempts are related to credential stuffing attacks, it’s important to know who is behind every login. TickStream.PI (Password Integrity) can help!

What is PI?

TickStream.PI is a solution that provides identity diagnostics reporting to any qualifying enterprise. It’s like a CISO’s own private investigator, providing an in-depth understanding when the wrong person uses valid credentials to access company resources.

What does PI provide?

TickStream.PI provides a report of instances where more than one person appears to be using a set of valid credentials and when the wrong person uses a set of otherwise valid credentials. Data is presented both as a report and as a load-ready CEF file for many popular SIEM/SOAR and forensic tools.

When identity is puzzling, you need a Private Investigator.

How does PI work?

TickStream.PI operates on a pathway separate from the existing login and authentication process, capturing keystroke timing data (but not actual keystrokes) and converting that stream of ticks into a proprietary mathematical model that represents a single login instance. The user sees no change to their current login procedure. Login instances are captured invisibly in the background. When Tickstream.PI determines that enough instances have been created with adequate consistency for a given account, the AI engine establishes a user profile. A profile is a set of instances that share similarity. Each future login creates a new instance which is compared to the profile. If an entry is sufficiently like the profile, no action occurs. If the instance is sufficiently different from the profile, a new line is added to the report detailing information associated with the aberrant login attempt.

Why do I need PI?

Odds are high that credentials are being misused and abused in your organization. Without adding any friction for users, TickStream.PI provides insight to the degree of risk you’re experiencing and helps guide appropriate actions to protect your business. It is invaluable for performing regulatory compliance audits, risk assessments, and other retrospectives on how accountholders (or others) are using passwords in your enterprise.

Ready to get started?

TickStream.PI is a free diagnostic tool for qualified enterprises to evaluate for a period of time. It is compatible with most major SIEM/SOAR platforms, including those listed below. Sign-up here for more information.

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